Re:Studio 4 vs Animate

You can start with either product. Animate is more sophisticated and costs significantly more. The learning curve is similar and if you learn one you will easily be able to work with the other.

In general it is a matter of what you define as your goals. Studio is more oriented toward smaller projects and non-commercial animation. Animate and Digital Pro are oriented to professional work. By professional I am not talking about final movie quality but rather work for profit (commercial work). It is too expensive to justify for most people who aren’t getting well paid for their work. If you have a surplus of money it is best to spend it on your Wacom tablet or Cintiq first and start with Studio. If you are making good money animating then you can always move up to Animate of Digital Pro later. Just my opinion. -JK

U’ve been tryiong to learn toon boom studio 4 for about a week now and its not an easy program to master. at least for me. early this week i saw a video on youtube of a new toon boom product called animated that seems to have the same functions as studio 4 but with more simplicity. so what is the difference between this and studio 4? i’m learning studio 4 already. if this one is more user friendly and easier to learn, should i just try to get this one instead?? Thanks Guys. Also this is my first post to the forums. WooT!

Many Thanks JK YaBB God. I’ll stick it out with studio 4 for now and see how that stacks up for me. I had no idea that Animate was more sophisticated. Its sugary coating is very deceiving. I’ll start looking for some high speed tutorials and steady learning. i hear its a steep learning curve. Thanks for the help.