Re:Story Boarding Tutorial

Thanks JK!

Storyboarding has been the most elusive part of my animation habit for me. I found that article recently and got hungry for more. Studying them has really helped and I’ve made storyboarding the keystone of the two pieces I’m working on right now.

Here’s a few more:

A few more goodies are at the Animation Meat TV production Notes page:

Here is a link to a very nicely done STORY BOARDING TUTORIAL which is very interesting and useful. Just thought I would share it. (No I’m not the author, just a reader) -JK

i ask myself why every time i login TBS forums i find usefull tips and trics?
then i found the answer…its becouse there are guys in here that like to share their knowledge and ideias.
Look, JK-TGRS, i mean you!
So with ppl like u, Gester, Elwood, and others this forum is always alive and helpfull.
Cheers JK

PS: thanks for the story boarding tutorial site, it helped me nicely.

drawing graphic romans, i was actually storyboarding before i even started to animate.
some additional links with great storyboard examples i can find among my bookmarks:

a few pages with further tips and links:

and some goodies:
eric drroker’s sequential art
a few digital tools

hope you find them useful.

You are all most welcomed. Community interaction is the heart and soul of any successful forums and our studio group, who is now beginning to use TBS in our production work, is anxious to help these forums to become a strong resource.

We are big believers in the value of pre-production planning so this is an area we encourage everyone to embrace. I recently wrote an article for our blog that although not tutorial in nature is intended to be inspirational so for anyone interested you can view it HERE. -JK