Re:square ends on a line

Thanks for that.

Hi there,
Is there a way to adjust the line tool so that its ends are square and not round?

This option is only avaiable in brush and erase tool. Line tool is a centerline vector, but, you can convert the centerline in outlined shape (brush) selecting Brush/Optimize/Convert lines to brush. Then, delete the beginning and the end of the line, intersecting the same at 90 degrees using the erase or the cutter tool, for example, or with the brush tool, then delete the intersection.
Also, you can probe the method with auto-flatten mode enabled, that flatten automatically pencil lines (centerlines), with others ones as you draw, then selecting segments to delete with the middle mouse button, you can finish the lines with corners (see it in pag 97 - drawing and animating) I hope that helps.