Re:slippage of camera moves when editing shots

Hi Lily,Thanks for the info, I will try it out.I understand the problem with multiple fields on a move, but making both the same with the little boxes on the left is causing real problems. Is there some way that I could click something that would reverse the direction of the camera move so if I accidentally set up a zoom in instead of a zoom out I can just make the start position the end position and vice versa? That at least would help me fix the problem easily.Cheers,Gary

Hi there,I am putting together animatics from other people’s storyboards created in Storyboard Pro version 1.5 and 2. I am using Storyboard Pro 2. I having problems with the camera moves.When I stretch a shot to synch to the dialogue, the markers of the start and end of camera moves slip about, sometimes migrating into other shots and sometimes disappearing altogether. I find the camera moving in shots where there is no camera move needed and not in shots where they should be.It is really weird.How can I stop this?This affects things to the left of the red scrubbing bar not just to the right.As someone who learned about editing on film then moved to Premiere and Avid systems, I am used to the universal rule that everything to the left being fixed and everything to the right is mutable.Why is Storyboard Pro different?How can I stop this from happening? On to framing moves.I learned to use Storyboard on version 1.5 where the start of a move is outlined in green with a handle at bottom left and the end is outlined in red with a handle at bottom right. It seems that in Storyboard Pro 2 both start and end positions are outlined in dark blue, both with handles at bottom left.It is almost as if you were deliberately trying to make it easier to make time-wasting mistakes! Only when I have set the camera positions do the red and green boxes show up in the thumbnail views.Why did you change something that worked logically for something 100 times worse?At least 50% of the time I seem to have moved the wrong box so the camera move is going the wrong direction.This is driving me crazy. Is there a way I can reset the colours of the Boxes?Please help.Cheers,Gary