Re:simple question about transfering pegs...

wow thats great , i didn’t know about usage of local library , thanks !

ok another simple question , can i add key frame in colour transform peg?

can we transfer a peg with all its elements from 1 scene to another scene of same file without transfering in global libraray ?

Yes, you don’t have to use the global library unless you actually want to have reuse ability in other animation sets. You can just use the local library of the current animation set. You place your desired content in template form in the local library and then when you go to work in a different scene you can just move a copy of the template out of the local library into the timeline of that desired scene. -JK

Yes you can. Once you add a color transform layer, click on the frame where you want to add a keyframe. Then, in your properties window, click the + at the bottom left corner of the color transform tab. That should do it for you.

You always ask good questions. This is a good opportunity to discuss the concept of a keyed frame. Keyed frames are used to lock down animatable parameters. So any mechanism whose purpose is to facilitate animating elements over time like a peg or a masking effect or a color transform effect will contain keyed frames. Of course the types of keyed frames that can be set on a peg are different from the types of keyed frames that can be set on a color transform effect. But all of the dynamic elements work similarly in that you set a particular keyed frame and that keyed parameter holds until it is changed by a keyed frame of the same type on a later frame on that dynamic element. For pegs if the two keyed frames are connected by a non-constant segment then there is a smoothed transition (tweening) implemented between the keys otherwise they snap from one key to the next, the first holding constant until the second keyed frame is reached. While for color transform effects there essentually are no constant segments so all transforms are interpolated (tweened) between keys. -JK

thank u JK for ur all helpful posts :slight_smile:

now please check this image
u can see it on the very first index page of this site , i wonder how can i draw this kind of stunning elements / chracters . i tried alot in studio to produce something similar kind of results i think studio leaks some advance drawing tools …so how can i make this kind of characters with lovely colours effects …once i though about using illustrator for making characters …is it the only solution ?

Hi awais,

Please post the link of the site. I’m curious to see what you are talking about.


lolz … u can find that photo top right of the very first page :smiley:


Sorry about the confusion I tought you forgot to paste the link.

This site, meaning our sit … yeah ok, I got it now ;D

Well, The images on the index page are random but I’m guessing you are talknig about that gril with dreads (this image). Nice colors hein ?

This was done using USAnimation Opus using multiple techniques like textures (for the painted regions, they used photoshop bitmap textures). You can do that in Toon Boom Studio too.

But they also used lines texture for the lines (see the rought linda result). This is the same technique used in the popular Triplets of BelleVille but this is not available in TBS, only in Solo, Opus and Harmony.

I hope this was the good image. If that’s the case, they used bitmap software (like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter) to do most of the color effects. Not illustrator which is more similar to the TBS drawing Tools.


yeah i was talking about similar kind of photos …so it is almost impossible to make such characters in studio , adobe photoshop and corel painter are not vector tools then it is useless to make characters in PS or painter …only illustrator is a vactor tool beside that and it is also i think compatible with studio :slight_smile:

and i dont think only textures technique is used here , it looks very similar to bevel kind of effects like photoshop !

let suppose if i make a character in adobe photoshop and want to use it in toonboom studio , i cannot edit it or cut it for cutout animation in image layer but when i import similar jpeg file in drawing layer it converts into a grey scale image ??? ::slight_smile:

Although you can’t draw or edit bitmapped graphics in TBS you can use them in your animation work. If you wanted to do cut out animation it would work but you would be required to do your character preparation work prior to import for your bitmapped character parts and you would have to import them in a format that supported alpha channels. So all drawing, painting, and seperating the character in to individaul parts would be done outside of TBS and then each seperate body part would be imported into a seperate image element. From that step forward the pegging and animating would be done in TBS. This is more complicated than just doing vector drawings inside TBS but it is possible.

If your target for publication is the Internet than you might not want to do this because the SWF file size could be very large except for really short animations. But if your target is Quicktime for broadcast or DVD then file size is not an issue and this method would be practical if desired. -JK

thanks for ur responce JK , let suppose i hv done everything outside of studio except animation :smiley: …if i want to move camera on that character which is entirely made on bitmaps …that would look very bad if i move my camera towards it or zoom in my camera movement because pixel would become more visible ::slight_smile: reason i again very simple thats not vector ???

Yes, vectors are much easier to scale. But if you create your bitmapped graphics in a size that is as large as you will need to scale them then the pixelation is far less noticable when you scale them down. There are still limits but the trick is to not scale up but only to scale down. So when you are planning your character you need to decide how big you will want the graphic to get in your animation and create the character at that size. There are still limitation but this is a good solution. -JK

ok fine , thanks JK :slight_smile: