Re:Severe delays when running TBS

What is the spec of your system Laura?

When drawing or editing the elements of a character in either the Camera or Drawing view windows, there is a rather long delay before my actions take effect on the screen. For example, with the move tool, I cannot get any results in realtime. The object jerks and moves in small, painfully slow increments, and continues to do so even when I’ve removed my hand from the mouse. There are also delays when I switch tools or try to open contol panels.

I’m perplexed because my system meets the requirements to run TBS V3. I run Flash, Photoshop, and Illustrator on my system without these delays… only TBS is super slow. Is this a problem within the TBS software, or does this relate strictly to a problem with my desktop?

If anyone could shed any light on this, I’d greatly appreciate it. It’s very frustrating.

Thank you,

Hello Laura
Painfully slow redraw and response sounds like the trouble I had before I upgraded my old graphics card from one with 32 megs of ram to one with 128 megs of ram. Smooth and fast now though.

2 cents worth

The specs of your system would help and more importantly your video card model.

You might just need to update your driver from the manufacturer.
If you have and Nvidia based video card, go to and download and install the driver for your card. This will boost your video card performance by 10 (not kidding there is a huge difference with the windows default driver and probably a good difference with the board manufacturer driver e.g. Asus).

You can do the same with ATI based card, visit and download the latest driver for your card.

More details on your system would help !