Re-set default brush sizes

I’ve searched, but don’t see how can I re-set to the default group of brushes. Is it possible?

When you originally open the program for the first time, what brush is available?


P. Boone

Thank you, Lily.

I’ve just tried. It didn’t work.

I opened my still functional copy of Animate PLE and checked out the brushes.

All the brush shapes are set at round

Smoothness for all is 0
Contour for all is 10

Brush 1 = min 5, max 20
Brush 2 = min 1, max 5
Brush 3 = min 3, max 12
Brush 4 = min 10, max 10
Brush 5 = min 10, max 25
Brush 6 = min 10, max 25

It doesn’t make sense that Brush 5 and 6 are identical. Perhaps Brush 6 should have a different shape. ???

And I don’t think the program opened to Brush 1 originally, but I don’t remember which size it did open to. All I know is, I liked it! :slight_smile:

If anyone knows…



Probably the only way to reset to the defaults is to trash your user preferences.