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Thanks for the prompt reply, Sébastien. So, if I understand you correctly, the only way to import a script is to manually copy and paste it one shot at a time. There is no ‘bulk’ import feature that would take an entire script, properly pre-formatted of course, and parse shots automatically into individual animation cells ready for drawing. Maybe in version 2.0?

Does TBStoryboard have an ‘import script’ function? i.e. import a Final Cut AV (or other scripting program) document file - or at least a text file of some kind. Help doesn’t seem to mention it. Seems like it should be the first thing out of the box - import a script with shots pre-defined, then the program would automatically build an entire timeline of blank storyboard cards with character dialog and other tags already filled in per the script. All one should have to do is start drawing the action, and shuffle the shots around if the flow isn’t working. Gotta be a way, I can’t imagine having to start from scratch and re-type dozens (if not hundreds) of pages of dialog! Please tell me it ain’t so. . . 8)


Yes Toon Boom Storyboard imports Text file in a special Script caption field attached to the storyboard project. Then you can easily drag’n’drop the shot’s texts from script into the panel’s captions fields (dialog, note, slugline,…).

Sébastien Miglio

Exactly. But its done using drag’n’drop, which is IMO much faster than doing copy/paste.

Right now the workflow is : you drag’n’drop the script, then draw your panel (or the opposite) and move to the next one, etc…
When you are working on your board, this process is very smooth.

Anyway, importing file format from Final Draft or other screenwriting software is something we are looking at for next release.

Sébastien Miglio.

I notice that this was posted in 2006. Any developments regarding Final Draft. I’m using a Windows laptop and I can’t figure out how to import my script from Final Draft.

Hi pencilheader

To import Final Draft script the quickest way, you will have to create a new project from within an excisting project in Storyboard Pro. This method apply to FDX files. That means Final draft 8. I am on a mac but expect the import on windows to be similar.

From the top menu select -File _New from Final Draft Script. An , Import From Final Draft window opens. The top field let you browse your files by pressing the icon to the right of it.

When a file is chosen, the dialogue box will show all element types used in your final draft script in the left “compartment” of the dialogue box.Select them one by one as you systematicly choose how the elements will be placed when imported. To the right you will now be able to choose where and how the element will be placed.

Lets take an example. select the Scene heading in the left compartement. In the right compartement in the Action (What storyboard will do ) select New Scene. In the Destination Caption field , select Slugging.

You can also create new caption fields for the project directly in this window by pressing the Add Caption Field button.
When all elemnts from the final draft script has been placed press Import. This method will create a new project and auto-create scenes, panels and place the text elemnts as you have decided in the creation window.

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There is a video tutorial about general work with captions here:

Hi ivaar,
thanks for your response.
Unfortunately I’m using Storyboard 1.5, not Pro, so the text I import is gobbledygook, as 1,5 doesn’t have the edit Text tab.
For the moment I’m doing it manually, scene by scene.
Definitely considering upgrading as all the tutorials relate to Pro.

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Hi pencilheader

If you think of upgrading now is the time and place . A new full licence is now only 399, that’s 600 of usual price. Go to store - promotions on top of this page.Normal crossgrade is 699. So you save quite a lot buying a new full licence as long as the promotion lasts.
The Pro version is good fun. Playback,3D layers, 3D scene, movie export and onionskin. It now also have bitmap drawing layers. Making it much easier to refine important drawings. The layers can later be converted to vector for export. It has also sound import and recording directly in the timeline. The dividing and assembling projects is made easy. Making it very flexible to work with. Starts to sound like a salesman here. ( Hihi)
But I am just an enthusiastic user.

Here is a link to download a trial version to test if you like it:

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Hi ivaar,
Yes. I spotted that offer thanks.
I hope that you’re on commission :wink:

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