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Thanks Nolan. Actually I’m not a novice animator, I just put the bouncing ball example in there as a reference for folks to understand the problem, if that makes any sense. If I put a ball in frame 1, squash at 30 and extreme at 60, when I do the preview all the frames in between come up as blank.

There must be a toggle somewhere to make frames hold by default so you can figure out timing, right?

so i’m doing the bouncing ball exercise. i put the first key on frame 1, the squash at the bottom at say 35, and the top of the cycle at 69. When i play the preview to check the timing it just blinks, playing frame 1 then 34 frames of nothing, then frame 35, the 35 frames of nothing then frame 69. this makes it obviously impossible to see to check the timing. How do i set it to do blocking, that is, in the preview, have the frames hold over the blank areas and not play blank frames in between? Obviously there must be a preference for this or something, like Flipbook. I just can’t find it.


Well, not sure, which Bouncing Ball Exercise you’re referring to…?

Please, have a look at JK’s excellent “Key-framing the Bouncing Ball” Tutorial:

Otherwise, If you like, check out this Video Bouncing Ball demonstration:
(no sound, it’s all fairly simple and self-explanatory)
(if you like, you might use the Transform Tool (7) for the squash and stretch)

Part two:

Be aware those Videos are about ~ 30 MB…
They might need a moment to load…


Right-click on keyframe, choose “Set non conctent segment”


Thanks, Kallis. For me, this didn’t change anything. The inbetweens still came up blank. Am I doing it wrong? (I’m on a Mac)

Right click in your timeline…extend exposure! I hope that could help!

Thanks dopski -

Actually, I must be making this more difficult than I need to. Sorry about that.

I don’t want there to be any empty space in my playback. But I don’t want to have to screw with extending exposure all the time just to do very rough timing.

For example, in Flipbook, when you draw on 4s, say, on frames 1, 5, and 9, and then hit “play”, it keeps a drawing visible until the next one comes along. So as frames 1-4 pass in time, you see the drawing on frame 1, and then when frame 5 hits, you see the drawing on frame 5 for 4 frames, etc.

When you do this in toon boom, you see one frame of drawing 1, then 3 frames of nothing, then frame 4, then 3 frames of nothing.

I just want a drawing to stay exposed until the next one comes along to set timings, and not have to screw with extending exposures every time I want to move a drawing to a new frame.

This is so basic I’m sure Toon Boom can do it, but I can’t seem to find the answer.



See this thread, it might answer part of your question:;action=display;threadid=4811

hope this helps…

I’ve been having the same problems you’ve been having. I found that before I try to animate anything click on the little black camera Icon to the right of your window (clicking on “camera” on the timeline never works for some reason"

by this time I hope you have drawing or grouped your figure in. :slight_smile:

WHen you have clicked on your camera icon it should bring up your camera display.
Now go to the left hand of your screen and select the transform tool. (the box with all the tiny boxes outlined around it. :slight_smile:

now, it should be highlighted by a darkblue square with little hollow squares outlining it.

now select your drawing and just nudge it a little to where you want the first frame to be.

once you’ve taken your fingers off the mouse you’ll find that the key frame has been already made for you.

now you can left click on the frame of the time line…extend exposure and type how many frames you “think” you want :)…slide the tool bar to what frame you want the 2nd key to be.

then click on your graphic and slide it to wherever you want on the screen, and again once you’ve taken your fingers off the mouse, look at the tool bay and the 2nd key is made for you. Then go and play/loop your finished results

The whole key to this is clicking on your camera icon before you animate ANYTHING!!! and don’t get your transform tool (which is what you use to shoot keys) mixed up with your select tool!

I hope this helps. it took me about two days to figure this out…yes, even after reading a slew of tutorials and watching more of them on youtube. Some people, when writing instructions for every program tend to leave some things out making it even harder for us noobs.

Thanks so much Alberto.

This is an interesting technique.

Though to be honest I still haven’t figured out what you gain doing it this way (adding keys) this way over just extending exposures though. Unless (this just occurs to me) you’re trying to do computer-generated tweening in Toon Boom like in Flash, in which case this looks great!

But in my case, all I want to do is be able to draw in frame 1,5,9,13 etc and be able to preview my timing/spacing without extending every frame all the time. For example, right now I’m doing an action shot on the 4s and it’s about 150 frames long, and it’s an incredible pain in the ass to go extend every frame just to get a preview.

There MUST be a way to do this? No? Do any admins ever help people on this forum?

Unfortunately you do have to extend the exposure if you want to see the preview. However, you can extend the exposure on multiple frames at the same time.

Instead of doing it the way you’re doing, I would recommend drawing on frames 1, 2, 3, 4, and then select the frames in the timeline. Right-click and do Exposure > Set Exposure… then you can click 4 in the box there.

Is this what you’re looking for?