Re:Rolling Edit points

Thanks Sebastien, works well…everyone else get into this, it is a great addition! By the way, unless I’m blind I couldn’t see any reference to this in the 1.5 addendum in the elearning section, and there is nothing in the help files with the download of the software…just for your info. Thanks for getting back to me so fast, Ian.

Hi Sebastien, just seen the new feature in V1.5 “Roll panels to change median edit point without changing global timing” I am hoping it is what I think it is, and can’t find any further info in the help files, some assistance here would be great, Ian.

Hi Ian,Hold ALT while you drag the median edit point in timeline.The features added to 1.5 are explained in the user guide addendum provided with the software (or that you can download in the elearning documentation section).Best,Sébastien

Did you find the addendum by going to Start menu > Toon Boom Animation> Toon Boom Storyboard Pro Documentation > Documentation Addendum > page 8, Panel Duration control?