I have done that but how do I animate it? Sorry for the PRO 101 questions but I can get a shape to change without the network… Simply not seeing it or why it’s useful…

2) In Vista I find that quadmap keeps selecting “drawing” which I use as a ground color and I cannot avoid the “background” from being skewed. In MacOSX there is no such problem. Same dpi monitor.

Thanks for the reply.


I need basic, dumb as simple help. I am on the user guide and the .pdf has either confused me or I can no longer read been working at this for 4 hours!

I’m on page 899 and using AnimatePro.
I follow the simple example. I deselect animate mode.
I click on the hangdown menu and select quad
I select View and then show/control
Anyway nothing much happens. Am I on the wrong page? The .PDF is massive and really hard to click or search.
I think I should go back to simple hand drawn animation as this makes no sense. Is there a really simple download?

Vista sp2 2xnVidia 8800 Ultra HP Blackbird 3.33ghz 4GB of RAM

Hi Peter,

The info you’re missing is to select the quadmap module and then to hit Shift & F11 to bring up the control points to use the quadmap. Moving the handles of the quadmap will show the results in the camera view.