RE: Puppet /Head (on stop motion keyframes) starts flipping 180 degrees when i turn the parent (torso) into motion keyframes...

Maybe I’m missing something simple here. the head and neck are parented to the body which I’m rotating backwards ( torso is leaning back, while the head is turning from left to right ) When I turn the torso keyframes into motion keyframes it makes the head flip from left to right ( which is turning, but turning on motion keyframes and shouldn’t be affected by the torso tween) Normally the head turns between a small number of stop motion keyframes but now, it’s fully tweened and turning a complete 180.

Yes the torso is the parent. But shouldn’t the head just tilt BACK when the torso tilts back? be driven by the torso? Not go all crazy and flip all over the place? I know with deformers you have to use a inematic output to prevent body parts from being deformed, is this something similar? Something along those lines? This doesn’t make sense to me.

It sounds to me like you have keyframes on the head that are facing in the opposite direction earlier than the keyframes of the full body, So that when you turn it into motion, since the whole structure is collapsed you don’t see the keys for the head separately and it’s tweening them from the earlier time causing the flip.

Post a video and/or project folder.

it doesn’t seem to happen if i work in selection only mode but id really prefer to work from my master peg and not have to keep doing that. I will attempt tocheck it out. as for the rotation i just had used flip horizontally tool on a master head peg. but that peg had stop motion keyframes, not motion keyframes.

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