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My username was spelled correctly TheRaider, thank you for the appointment!

Pierreguex, if you go to read this tip, search inside the script done by Lilly, that solve the related issue.
Are you importing images with the correct resolution, at least the project resolution?
I’m sure Lilly will respond to your first question, because I have not experienced that aspect in image import, and may be important. Regards.


Hi, I have 2 problems (Animate 2) and hope someone can help me:

1- when I import images (jpg,png,tif) they look very pixelated and can hardly be manupulated, but when I import the same images inside a pdf file into the lybrary , the image look perfectly clear and is very easy to manipulate (it’s even possible to erase parts of it)… I would like to import images directly and don’ t know how.

2- When I import illustrator files with multiple layers into the lybrary , the image becomes a single layer . I there a way to keep the layers?


for 2 check out the tips and tricks forum. Yoryo (hope i spelt his username right) created a tip and there is a lot of discussion inside that thread about the best ways to do it.

for 1, I am not sure what your issue is.

What exactly is it that you’re trying to do? Are you scanning in pencil drawings that you then want to manipulate? If this is the case, then you should import and choose the “Vectorisation” option, and choose “Black and White”. This will convert the drawn portions into black lines, and the paper will be transparent. You can then erase and manipulate the drawings.

Or are you working with colour images? When you work with colour images (like a background), when they’re imported, they’re put into a container that’s the size of the image, then the colour is applied as a texture. This image cannot be erased, but you should be able to manipulate it (move, resize, rotate).

What options are you using when you import? Also, regarding the pixellation, are you choosing “Fit”? If this is the case, then if the image is smaller in the scene, it will scale it up to fit the scene. If you choose “Project Resolution”, then it will import the image at the correct size so that the image’s resolution is 1:1 when you export the project.

Does the image still appear pixellated when you pop over to the render view? If yes, then it was scaled up. If no, then you may have altered a preference that scales down the display of the image to save memory when you’re working in Animate.

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Thank you for posting so soon
What I want to do is to import the image in order to use it as a reference to retrace it with Animate’s tools. I prefer this method rather than automatically vectorizing scanned images.
I would like to be able to see my imported images in the GL View, the way they look in the Raster View.

Here I imported the same image in different formats, as you ca see, the imported images look washed, and the others (the same image placed inside ai and pdf files) look plain.

If the image that’s not the current (selected) image is washed out like that, it’s because you have the light table turned on. Turn off the light table and the image will no longer be washed. :slight_smile:

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Geat !!! thanks a lot!!! :smiley:

I’ve mostly completed a scene but now I find the drawings are too large. I want to resize all the layers at one time. Is this possible? ???

use the animate transform tool to be able to resize a number of layers together for the purposes of your scene.