re-organize drawing substitution order?

Hello again,

I’ve read both here on the forums and in a few of the Youtube videos that symbols are basically in Animate just to make Flash people feel comfortable, and that we should rely on the Drawing Substitution system instead.

One of the things I find confusing with this is the order of your drawings. For example, I make a closed mouth and then make an open, A mouth. These are now labeled drawings #1 and #2. So then I go back and want to inbetween those mouths with a few frames. I typically give the mouth three drawings or so to go between a closed and wide open A mouth. However, these new inbetweens are now drawings 3,4,5, and are out of order when I scrub through them in the Drawing Substitution tab.

If this was Flash, I would simply re-order my key frames within a mouth symbol and move on. How do I re-order my drawings so that they are in a logical order in the Drawing Substitution tab? Maybe I’m just missing something here? Thanks!

Instead of 13452, just rename them12345. You can do that in the Xsheet and maybe in the Timeline in Animate.

Not sure if you can do it in Animate but in Animate Pro and Harmony you can go in the Xsheet. Put your drawings in the order that you like, 13452 for example and then select them all > Xsheet Menu>Drawing>Rename by frame. This will rename all according to the order you had and following the frame number.

Perfect! Thank you! I’m working in Animate for now, however that command “rename by frame” is here. I’m thinking of officially using Animate instead of Flash in an upcoming job and this helps a lot. Thanks again!

Can you tell me if I’m missing something, because I’m selecting a sequence in the timeline (8, 9, 11, 10…), then Drawing tab, Rename by Frame, just as the user guide instructs, and I’ve only got a popup saying “No current selection”. I’ve tried doing the same thing on the XSheet, as well as tested it on other layers, saved, restarted, and it’s always the same “No current selection” error.

I find that it us finicky, and really works better from the xsheet. I’ve gotten that error a bunch of times myself. I selected my drawings from the sheet and hit drawing/rename by frame and they lined up in the Drawing Substitution tab they way I wanted it to. Good luck!


I was re-sorting a character’s leg drawings this morning using the above described technique in Harmony and it seems like any embedded deformers are not being sorted with their associated drawings. Is this a bug or am I missing an option somewhere?

I’m also wondering, does renaming the numbered groups inside the deformation group allow me to re-associate each deformer sub-group with the drawings? I’m about to check that myself but I’m hoping to see an official answer to confirm if this is the proper workflow.

Thanks for any help.


Ah, okay, I figured it out. It’s not enough to rename the nodes, I need to reconnect the nodes in the proper sequence to match the drawing sequence.

Just responding to my own questions in case somebody else asks the same. :slight_smile:


I have a slight variation of the OP’s question:

In Harmony, is it possible to reorganize the drawing order if the drawings have ‘text’ names, and also preserve the custom names? For example: joeHeadSideA, joeHeadSideB, joeHeadSideC, joeHeadProfileA, etc.,?

The Rename By Frame command suggested above does re-sort the drawing order when new drawings are added and re-organized in the X-Sheet but it also replaces the custom drawing names with frame numbers, which gets annoying when there are a lot of renamed drawings.

Thanks in advance for any helpful info.