Re:ok now that i got the pro 2 product code...

yup and i got the new code for animate pro 2 today :slight_smile:

but the trial 15 day version has no place to input the new product codes.

do i just wait for the 15 days to run out before i can input a new code?

or do i uninstall it and reinstall to promp the line for the new code?



ok now that i got the pro 2 product code ( the full version not the 15 day code)

i don’t see where to put the new code in the 15 day version?

do i uninstall it?

and reinstall the pro 2 and when it asks for the product code put in the new code?

and should i uninstall pro 1 ?



You need to first return your license key from Animate Pro 1, then uninstall Animate Pro 1, then install Animate Pro 2, then input your 15-day license for Animate 2. An email must be sent to notifying her that you have completed the license return and she will send you a permanent license.

Here are the full instructions on the knowledgebase:�-Upgrading-from-Animate-Pro-version-1?402

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Can upgrade Animate Pro 1 to Animate Pro 2 free? :o

i got a email that i could update from 1 to 2 for free …yes

i figure it out …

now that i got the new product code go to the license wizard and active license…and the other choices until i get to the point where i can input the new product code.

i forget about this side software “the license software” …i wanted to put the new code in the animate pro 2 software itself. hehe.



I have my temporary license. I returned the Animate Pro 1 license through the License manager on Monday. I then re read yesterday and saw that I need to send an e-mail notification to with the old animate Pro 1 license number in the body of the letter. Which I proceeded to do That was last night. How long before I can expect to receive the permanent license?


It should take no more than 24 hours (during the regular M-F work week) to get your new code after you send the email. In case there is a hiccup and it takes more than one day, that’s why you have the 15 day trial license, so that we have a bit of leeway when it comes to activating the full license. If more than a day has gone by and you haven’t received a response then you can send your email again because it might have somehow gone into a spam filter. You could also email and they will forward the email to licensor in case she didn’t get it.

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well i turned my animate 1 license got the temp license for animate 2…now the 15 days are up and noooooo animate…there has got to be a better way…what happened to the automatically switching over after the 15 days?..or did i misunderstand something there… >:(

There’s no ‘automatic’ switching over of the licenses. When you return your V1 license with the Activation Wizard you then have to send an email to with your V1 code in the body of the email and the subject line Animate 1 license return. They will then send you an email back with your V2 code, which you activate with the Activation Wizard. The full instructions are here:

If you’ve already sent them an email with v1 license code and haven’t heard back, you should send another email immediately. It usually takes no longer than 24 hours to receive your v2 code.

I did the above but never got an email from toon boom. I did go onto the “my products” page and they did update my list to include the Animate 2 license where I copied my product license number and put it into the license wizard.

If you don’t see a response within a few days of sending your code, and your products section of your account on the website hasn’t been updated, then feel free to send your email to again. If all else fails, send an email to requesting that they forward an email to licensor if it doesn’t go through. This is very rare, however sometimes the emails are sent to the spam filter.

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