Re:"Not a valid TBS file?!"


This seems to be a corrupted file. Basically if the project was not save completely or the saving was interfered by your ME problem the file might not have been completed and you probably won’t be able to open it again.

This being said not all is lost. Since you still have your project folder and drawings from the project you could actually create a new project in which you would make the same drawings you use to have (dummy drawing with only a stroke in it, the import thing is that the Element and the Drawings are named the same). Once that file is done you could take the .tbp file from this new project and paste it in the old project folder to replace the currently corrupted project. This would allow you to recover your drawings.

Hopefully this will work out for you.

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Hello. I’m having a small problem with my current little pet project. It’s a bit weird so I’ll start from the top.

My Microsoft Internet Explorer has a habit of turning the menue bar (File, Edit, etc) on and off when the ALT key is hit (no matter what program I’m on or if the browser is on or off.) whenever I switch tabs/windows and drives me nuts. I fix it by hard-restarting my computer via the reset button.

I was half working on a TBS project and half going my rounds on a board I frequent. I accidentally hit the ALT button and my ME went crazy again. I saved my TBS thing, closed everything out and reset my computer to fix the ME problem.

But when I went to work back on my TBS project, I got a pop-up simply saying that the project I was working on isn’t a valid Toon Boom Studio file. I exited TBS out and opened the file through My Computer. It automatically opened TBS and I immediately got the same error message.

I haven’t gotten around to restarting my computer again (I started typing this before it came to my mind), and I really don’t want to start from scratch again.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

EDIT: Restarted. Didn’t work. Oh, and I have Toon Boom Studio 4.