Re:New series coming to Youtube soon!

Just post in share your work when you are ready to share.

Good luck and if you get stuck and need some help be sure to post in the forums and we will be happy to help you :slight_smile:

Hi I’m Jack Mullinex. I’m 9 years old. I Use Toon Boom Animate Pro 2.
I am making a new series for Youtube called “The Pugsy and Biny Show” .
It’s a cat and mouse series not related to Tom and Jerry.
Pugsy the cat and Biny the mouse are bitter rivals. Will Pugsy and Biny
become friends? Find out in the series! My Youtube Channel is called
basically Jack Mullinex. Don’t check it out quite yet! I will tell you when the
first Pugsy and Biny cartoon is uploaded on Youtube!:slight_smile:

Thanks! ;D

I’ve planned out the whole story for the first Pugsy and Biny cartoon.
Pugsy and Biny are fighting when Biny says go take a hike.
But Pugsy takes it seriously and climbs a steep hill with an explosive rock
on top! If the rock lands hard on the ground,it will make a huge destructive
explosion! Biny comes and makes Pugsy mad. Pugsy wasn’t thinking. He
took out his club and attempts to hit Biny but fails and causes an avalanche!
Will Pugsy and Biny survive? You’ll all find out in the 2-part episode
"An Avalanche Come True!"