Re:moving cut-out puppet using peg.


Sounds like your puppet wasn’t built properly. It took me about 4 or 5 times rebuilding my puppets before I got them to move completely correct with all of thier parts attached. The good news was each time I rebuilt them I made them better.

Pay special attention to which tool you are using. Only use the animation tool for animating the select tool for initial setup.

Once you get the puppet built and attach the legs and arms and head to the body it creates a mark in the timeline that saves all of that data. If you go back from there and try to rebuild or add to the puppet that mark doesn’t always get updated properly.

So save a copy of the puppet before you assemble it in case you want to add something. Then Save another copy of the puppet once you assemble it into your library so you can use it over and over.

Don’t give up!

I posted this subject on toon boom pro because I couldn’t open toon boom studio forum. no one answered me yet I’ll be pleased if someone can help me.

I am new to TB and this is my first animation I have even used flash before . I am trying to move a cut-out puppet guy from right to the chair ( left) but head nested parts ( eyes …etc) get shifted in a weird way weren’t they suppose to move with the head ?

I noticed one thing it only happened when I try to move face’s part in front of the head. using for example the top view. I have two screenshot to back up my words.

here is the first one in which the face’s parts don’t move with the peg moving to the left. ( face’s parts is not arranged)

here is the second one in which the face’s parts get shifted away from the head as the body move to left. ( face’s parts rearranged from top view)

Thank you =)


Thank you, tried three time to connect the fact’s parts and I am having the same issue, I noticed one thing today it happens whenever I change the offset , I usually change the offset [ 0 F ] I am not sure if that is the one I should change.
the higher the value the higher the shifting. like if I use 0.5 F it shift more than smaller offset number.
is there any other method to bring parts in front and others to the back. I think that is my issue right now.

If you are talking about parts like an arm moving in front of the body or head then it should be set up the timeline as a higher or lower hierarchy. That will keep them in front or behind depending on if it is above or below the other parts in the timeline…

If you are trying to get an arm to say swing in front on one go and then behind in the next then you would have to swap it out with another version of the arm that is set in a different location on the timeline.

If you are talking about a cutout puppet walking in front of say a house or car or some other element in the background, then you can control the distance by using the top view and looking down at your parts.