Re:Motion Studies?

Nolan Scott has share this on the forum:

Draw a walk-cycle on the spot frame by frame, then cycle those drawings as many times as needed, then attach this drawing layer to a peg and move it across…
(no sound, it’s all fairly simple and self-explanatory)

Newbie here, having a blast figuring out this rich and powerful software. Figuring out the basics of flip book style animation as I begin learning some of the more powerful, time-saving features.

One thing that is vexing me, and maybe this is just an experience thing, is: what are the tricks for figuring out natural timing for character motions? Do y’all use motion studies? If so, is there a good resource on the web for motion studies? Do you act out sequences in video, then draw them, using real motion for a guide?

Just wondering if there are any short-cuts the pros use…

Thanks in advance!


Have you tried importing a movie file and using it as background to assist with the timing? You can find rotoscoping info here:


Yeah, I’ve thought about doing my own motion studies, but I was hoping there were some basic Internet resources that broke down human and animal gates of walking/running etc… from various angles that i could use. My web searches have revealed just a couple ancient ones, of a horse running and a man walking, but i was hoping for more.

If there are none out there, I’ll look to making my own.