Re:maximum resolution

I am not sure which product you are referring for the importing swf and illustrator import functions are disabled (greyed out). This function does not exist in Pencil Check Pro. Are you referring Animate or Animate Pro? If then, you should ask on the right forum but if it is Animate or Animate pro, it is because the importing location (folder) in the library is not selected and unlocked to import. However, check the limitation of PLE from Animate or Animate Pro PLE download site for Ai (PDE) or SWF import which may not be possible due to the purpose of PLE. It only supports in pay version.

There is no limitation of the resolution in the software but it is only limited by the hardware resources you are dealing with.


I’m trying to evaluate the trial version, but it seems that the swf and illustrator import functions are disabled (greyed out).

What I’d like to know is if I can import an SWF that has actionscript and movie-clip-based animations. (Flash users will know that flash movies will ignore actionscript and movie-clip animations when exporting to a .avi or exporting image sequences from Flash). I have found that SWF2AVI converter will read the actionscript-based SWFs just find… however, that program doesn’t export my swfs to .mov very well.

Secondly, want is the maximum resolution that i can export my finished movie as? I’m preparing some animation sequences that will appear in a feature film. The film’s final resolution needs to be 24fps, at 4K (4096x2034), quicktime .mov (needs to be passed to the film company to be worked into final cut pro. Will it render and will the final rendered movie be smooth (not choppy)?