Re:Let's Talk About Morph Layers

Thanks Steve!

Now I fully understand morph layers.

For people reading this in the future. I’ve noticed you really have to plan your morph layer targets out well in advance before you start setting up the morph layers. You can’t use the “Insert Morphing Key” feature with a layered morph drawing. So you need to anticipate how far you think you can go with a morph.

Anyway I’ve come up with some workflow ideas that I think are useful and will share knowledge via video tutorial soon.

Hi Guys,
I’m trying to get a good understanding of the workflow behind using the morph layers. I haven’t really found a lot of good information about using that feature. Mostly people seem to avoid talking about it so I’m thinking I might make a video tutorial about morph layers if I can get a good workflow method worked out.

The main concept behind using morph layers seems to be that you put your start and end positions into the various drawing positions within a drawing layer. So something along these lines…

morph layer 1 = drawings 1 & 2
morph layer 2 = drawings 3 & 4
morph layer 3 = drawings 5 & 6

So that’s all fine. The issue I have is that I find it painful to edit or make changes to the morph target drawings. Here’s an example of the workflow I have been using.

1. go to drawing layer select frame 1 which is linked to drawing 1.
2. Substitute drawing 1 for drawing 3
3. edit drawing 3
4. substitute drawing 3 back to drawing 1

I find this workflow very painful for making changes to the morph target drawings. Is there a better way to do this? I feel like I’m missing something… I have this nagging suspicion I might be able to bring up the target morph drawings into the drawing view and easily edit them quickly.

Thanks for the help!

Did you check these videos? Some by Adam Phillips and from Toon Boom.

Hi Steve

Thanks for the reply. I did re-watch both of those tutorials on morphing but neither of them cover the topic of morph layers. The manual does a basic job of covering it but I’d like to make a tutorial that explains morph layers and also supplies a good working method for people. I do have one method I managed to develop yesterday to deal with editing what I will call “morph layer targets”. I was hoping to get more input from others who have been using the morph layer feature… Essentially I’m collecting data on the topic.

I will say that I understand morph layers but am interested in workflow methods using that feature.


I don’t know why you need to substitute. You just have to click on drawing 3 in the layer 2 of the morphing’s tool properties. If you check at the bottom of the Drawing View it tells you you are editing drawing 3 and not 1 anymore. Then you can F4 to go to the other extreme (drawing 4) of that layer if you want without clicking on drawing 4. You can even hide the other levels if you don’t want to see them while editing that layer.

Thanks Steve!

For some reason I didn’t quite get that I could click on the target numbers in the morph layers and that would allow me to edit the drawings. That’s where I was making my mistake!

Any idea what the “Timing” section in the morph layers does? I can’t seem to find any information about it. Plus it doesn’t seem to update or allow me to do anything with it. Why is it there if it doesn’t do anything??

Edit Well I see that the “Timing” section seems to indicate how many frames I have in my morph but I don’t see that it has any other function.


You can use it when a shape is disappearing or appearing. For example you have a circle on the first extreme but no corresponding shape on the last extreme. Your morph is 20 frames long but you decide to make the circle be gone at frame 15 instead of 20 with the others morph layers.

Another example is that you are trying to morph a head turning and mid way you need to have the sub-layer of the ear to disappear because it’s behind the head then.