Re:Invisible Character Problem

You might check the type setting on your “Boardroom” element. Select the element in the timeline and look on the properties panel to check the type setting. If you accidentally set the type to Foreground then your background would always be in front of your character even though your layering order shows the character on top. Just change the type to Normal or Background to fix this. -JK

Hello, Im super newb at Toon Boom. I’m having a problem and was hoping someone could help me out.

I’ve created all the elements I need for a scene im doing. All my characters are going to be animated using the Peg/cutout style. I have all the pieces Pegged up and put together but my character has become invisible. It’s highlighted by blue lines but when i de-select the character he goes away and I can’t see him. I’ve tried moving him all throughout the layers, thinking he was just behind the background but he’s infront of everything an STILL cannot be seen. Here’s an image to help explain. The first image is of the character highlighted, the second is of it de-selected.

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PS: I havent had this problem with anything else either.