Re-install procedure

My TBS5.0 is broken. Refer to;action=display;threadid=4909.

I have no solution alternative at this point other than to re-install TBS.

Is there a white paper or written steps to re-installing TBS? I do not want to lose my libraries and palettes. I can recreate my workspace layout.

I have not been able to do any TBS work for 2 weeks now because of this problem and I really need to resolve this.

To backup your libraries, go to your My Documents folder where the libraries are stored. Then copy and paste the libraries, giving them a new name. Now you can be doubly sure that they won’t be deleted when you uninstall. You can open the libraries again after you re-install.

Do a similar thing to the palette by copying it from the project folder to another location, either in My Documents or the desktop. You can find the palettes for your projects in the folder structure My Documents > Job Name > palette-library > palettefile.plt

When you uninstall and reinstall, it should not delete your project files/folders, however you can always back these up just in case.

Uninstall the program, then go to the Program Files directory, Toon Boom Animation and make sure that the Studio directory and all of its contents have been deleted. Also make sure the desktop shortcut and start menu item have been deleted. Then run the installer again and re-install the program. You should not need to redo your license since you’re not wiping out the whole OS - the license should work again automatically after you install.

Then run the program and give it a shot! See if your palettes and libraries are still there, and if they’re not, then you can open them again from the backups you made at the beginning.