Re-install on an external hard drive?

Is it possible to install Harmony V11 on an external hard drive?
I have the stand alone version not the network version and I’m
not sure how much I’d want to use the cloud.
But, I do know that I can only afford one copy but I would love to use it with
my tablet and not just my big heavy HP desktop.
So, if it’s on a fast external hard drive that should count as only one copy, right?
Regardless where it’s plugged into?
And, one more question, please?
What is the re-install process?
I asked some time ago and it sounded very confusing .
Could you please update me?

You could not just move the Harmony software physically by using flash drive.
The license could not be installed in a flash drive, you need to install it in a local disk. If you want to reinstall in the same computer, you just need to simply uninstall the software and reinstall it. If you need to switch to another different computer, you need to return the license by following the instruction below and reactivate it to the new computer.