Re:Im new

Do you copy paste your first frame to the second ?

In that case you should right click on the second frame and duplicate the drawing. That will create a second version of the first drawing which will not be affected by any changes you may make.

You can also select your drawings in the first frame and paste
it onto the second frame of the drawing view.

I suggest that you use the cell view, that way you can see your drawing numbers and easily reuse them at will. But remember that if you reuse one drawing into a different frame any changes made to it will affect the other frame that uses this drawing. Dupliate it and you’ll be fine.

im new and tried to make an animation but i don’t know how to change a movement because when i move the object in question in the next frame and i go back to the first frame it is changed to the second frame. This is such a basic thing no-one seems to explain it in a tutorial can someone please help :slight_smile: