Re:I am a new Artist here I want to introduce myself!

sure, upload your samples and give us the link(s).

Hey everybody well I am new here and I don’t yet own Toon Boom studio but I have plans to order it in the next few months. Most likely in mid summer. Call me Dave and well let me tell you about myself. I live in North eastern Ohio. I own a small studio which I am currently working on to get a business going mainly in Custom Illustrated T-Shirts. But I also want to develop animated movies that I could send out to major production companies such as ILM, Pixar, WB, etc. My talent is great. I am well deverse in traditional and digital media and I have passion in doing work with airbrush. I have awesome ideas mainly in the sci-fi/ fantasy ganra that I just know could blow people away. But as of now I am just an everyday illustrator trying to get myself known. Hopefully in the months to come I can share with you my ideas. So I just want to say hi to everybody and I hope I to feel welcome here.

You have a great optimistic attitude which is refreshing and we wish you the best of luck and welcome. -JK

welcome :slight_smile:
is there anything from your talent to be seen on the web?

Not yet like I said I am new but my website is currently in development at this moment. The name of my company is Stairway Graphix TM Quality, Custom, Design. If you want I could post examples of my work here. Lets just say I can draw and well I can draw pretty good also I paint and I have many paintings on hand to share. After all I graduated college with a degree in Illustration. Infact I Illustrate childrens books and do small business advertisement. But my goals are far more greater than that. Once I have the money I want to own a small workshop doing animated films for DVD on the side based upon my own universe called (Enchanted GalaxyTM) that I developed, and Illustrating T-Shirts along with other various projects such as books, advertisement etc. Basically I am an all purpose design company thats just beginning.

Its my stories called Enchanted Galaxy which makes me excited about Toon Boom. Toon Boom Studio is exactly what I need to produce episodes out of Enchanted Galaxy.
Right now I am produceing conceptual art for it. Just need to get ahold of the software and I should be good to go. Of course I will be getting more advance animation software but for now its Toon Boom. Perhaps in the near future you will see copies of DVD movies sold online. I sure hope so.

Well here are some early works I did in my college days:
This design is for a newspaper ad for an ad campaign on Sirius Satellite Radio. Notice Howards smiling Mug.
This was a rough story board for the same ad campaign. It was a TV comercial that I came up with to establish Sirius Satellite Radio. I figured it would be cool to do a sort of cartoon dealing with a little AM FM radio getting blown away by the new kind of radio which is Sirius.
This was an americana poster I did in Pen/ Ink. I thought comic book heroes would be perfect for this. So I created this.
Another pen and Ink of the streets of a town in Italy. It was a perspective project which I enjoyed.
And finally my favorite, a pencil drawing of D.GRaves Wilson Baseball glove that if I render again I can send it to Mr. D.GRaves and ask him to sign the illustration. It would definitly be worth a lot of money if he did so. D.GRaves is a famous baseball player.

Well thats it for now but I have plenty more and they’re color so you can get a view of what I do in regards to my fantasy work. Thats what I am excited about. Thanks for being interested in seeing my work. I would most definitly like to see you’re work too I am curious what you do if you don’t mind me asking.

well done :slight_smile: your fantasy work is very inspirational.
as for the realistic one (the italian city scene) one question: is the flatness of the depth intended?

this brings me to the answer to your question: i was a full-fledged architect in my previous professional life :wink:
you know: everything what is to it, plus visualisations, first drawn by hand (i was drawing scenes for ages ;)), then using the sgi hardware, back in the 90s, when it was verrrrrrry expensive.
then advertising clips, design, and then graphic romans. for the last 1.5 years (although i drew my first film in 1998) digital animation.
you can see most of the stuff here:

Well the piece I did of that street just turned out the way I intended it to be. I was working specifically with pen/ink. That is somewhat my style. But I do have other works that take on a more 3 demensional effect. In the case of the street, attempting the contrast between light dark in strictly pen/ink no shadeing gives it a different kind of look. It gives it a sharp crisp look which I was aiming for. I can say that will explain the flatness in the piece. In Illustration nothing is intentional its always planned. By the way those works I did, have nothing to do with my universe. Oh and your work is awesome. Mann I can’t wait to show you some of the fantasy material I came up with. I am telling you, it will blow you away.

Lets just say you haven’t seen anything yet. The work I posted previously is merely college work which is nothing compared to what I am going to post.

Beautiful work. I look forward to seeing your animation.