Re:HowTo Turn of Smooth for Images

Hi Carsten,
Can you clarify some things for us on this forum?

You are try to import images (into TBS) - what type are they? (jpg/png/psd/pdf etc)

You have turned off “smooth bitmaps in the preferences” - what program are you using to do this? (photoshop?)

We need this before we can help you…

In the General section there is a post named “Photoshop” which describes some problems with “white halo”. This might interest you?


i’m testing TBS and have a Problem importing Images. I turned of “Smooth Bitmaps and Images” in the Preferenes/Rendering - but the Images are smooth after exporting the Movie.

Is there a way to turn of smoothing Images? I’m working with transparent PSD’s and they got a bad border when they got smoothed.

Is there a way to solve this problem?

Thanks a lot!

I tried to import the images as png and as psd. The Image looks good in the camera view window if turn off “Smooth Textures and Bitmaps” in the Display-Tab of Edit/Preferences in TBS. But the exported movie shows a thin white linke around the image…

Hi Carsten,

Exporting PNG with (option) a million+ colors will retain the transparent background …
…but I believe this is the same problem as I had where: when applying any type of raster effects to an object (smoothing), in order to produce the result there will need to be a blend of both black and white masks (white to display, black to mask).
When an object blends to a transparent background it will require varying values of gray hence why you see the “white” halo around the edges (in fact it is shades of gray).
Turn off the blending and you will not apply the raster effect and no halo will be produced.

Ugo or Mathew could maybe confirm or deny this for me…

Hi Bruxist and Carsten,

It might indeed be the same case then what you have just explained Bruxist but I would like to give a look to the actual image you are trying to import.

If Bruxist’s solution does not fix the issue would it be possible to send the png or psd to I will see if something can be done after doing some tests.

Best regards,