Re:How well does Animate work with Harmony?

I haven’t personally used Harmony(i belive there are very few users on the forum who have), but I know toonboom prefers you contact support directly reguarding Harmony. So my advice is tell them your issue and ask them how it would it work.

Hi folks, we’re looking into getting Harmony at our studio and our only concern is that most out-of-house freelancers would be using Animate or Animate Pro. I don’t think we’d be able to open Animate projects in Harmony but it seems like there must be a workaround to at least get the drawings imported (while maintaining their vector quality), like copying the .tvg’s to a folder or something. does anybody have any experience or knowledge about this?

Thanks Raider! I just found an old thread regarding this very topic that you actually took part in. I still think this is something useful to the community to get an answer about, so I’m hoping to hear something. This seems like an issue that affects the larger freelance community too and I can’t help but think there must be a workaround that doesn’t include sending the project off to ToonBoom to convert. We still scan drawings here and setup x-sheets before scanning, seems like you should be able to do a similar thing and then import the tvg files - I’m no expert, but there must be a way to do that with such sophisticated software. I feel like we’re looking at the future with the backs of our heads!

The impression I got is they will work with you on a case by case basis to ensure compatability from the few mentions of it i have seen. How they do that im not sure. Obviously don’t hold me to it because I am just a user (not staff like a lot of people think).

I can’t imagine them leaving Harmony users out in the cold not being able to user freelancers.

In the case you are working with Animate 1/Pro 1 it will work very well forth and back. Unfortunately Toon Boom changed the file format in Animate 2/Pro 2, however it is still possible to open Harmony files in Animate 2/Pro 2, but you are not able to import them back to Harmony, except you are asking Toon Boom support to convert the files what is quite inconvenient.

Somehow I face the same problem, in my opinion it was not a wise decision made by Toon Boom to make Animate2/Pro2 incompatible with Harmony.

OK, now that I’ve taken a minute to collect myself - wow! It simply doesn’t make any sense for us to spend that kind of money to purchase software for freelancers (that often live thousands of miles away) that generally work for us 2 weeks at a time a few times a year. Several freelancers that we use semi-regularly have already purchased their own copies of Animate Pro in order to make themselves available for the impending switch into the paperless realm of traditional animation. I’ve gotta say, the more I think about it the more this seems like a huge flaw in the TB workflow, and one that I hope will be remedied in coming versions of Harmony or Animate/AP. Harmony is sold as the program to be used within the studio system and AP as the program for the home professional - never the two shall meet? That’s just not the reality. I know this is the company line and just the way things are at the moment but it really has to change - I’ll post in feature requests about it as well. Thanks for the response, I really do appreciate your openness and all you do for us here on the forums Lilly!

I am very interested to know more about this.

It seems like they have made it so Pencil Check is the entry level/ affordable software that is compatible with Harmony (you can animate in Pencil Check and open those files up in Harmony). Studios (like Film Roman/ Starz) work this way (do layout in Pencil Check then take those files into Harmony). That seems to be the way to go (since animate and animate pro files aren’t compatible with Harmony).