Re:How to separate palettes?

What you should have done when you brought the first character into the second character’s scene is to right away do a Duplicate palette, get rid of the original palette and paint the second character with the duplicate colors. This would have assigned new id number but kept the same names and RGB values.

FYI. A palette contains color pots. Each color pot has 3 properties: name, RGBA values and an identification number. When you paint a drawing what you are really doing is assigning the ID number to a specific area of the drawing. Later on if you modify the RGB value of the color pot the drawing reacts in consequence because of this association of the different color areas to a specific color pot.

When you do a Clone palette it copies the name, the RGBA values and the secret ID number. However when you do a Duplicate it copies only the name and RGBA values and gives new ID numbers to the pots.

I recently created a full turn around character and saved it in its own scene file. I then created a Group with a Composite and placed it into the Library. From that basic character, I created a new scene, brought in the character and modified it to make a new character. I also changed some of the color values for the skin, clothing, etc.

Everything was working great. I had made four characters, each in its own scene. But when I tried to bring all four into the same scene I could only use one palette which effectively changed the colors for all four characters. How can I separate the palettes so that each character has its own palette? :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now the palettes are at the default Scene Level.

Yeah, that makes sense, Lilly! Thanks! In the meantime, I took care of it in the following manner.

I opened a new scene and brought in all four characters. Then I had four palettes. I renamed one of the palettes as my master palette. Then, one by one, I took note of all the unique colors for each character and incorporated them into the master palette. Then I went through layer by layer and drawing by drawing and changed the color to the right one.

Whew! Took about an hour but now it’s done and I am a little bit wiser for next time :stuck_out_tongue:

Very interesting, Steve! Thanks! I’m going to have to add this to my Animation Tips folder for future reference.