Re:How to Manipulate and Use Hints With Morphing Tool?

Thanks for all this! I will do this and it should help. Where are these etips?lessons? on the toon boom site? I haven’t seen them. Are they quick tips?
Please advise.

I hate to admit this, but since buying Animate 2.0 I’ve been working only in the Camera View. When I open the Drawing View my image isn’t there. Not sure why?

I’ve been learning about Morphing, watching a good tutorial as well as the Help Guide Files, but I don’t understand Hints. What I mean is I see them plotted on the shape and when I move the hints I don’t see what changes. I can’t move them to where I would like them to be if they in fact create a change in the Contour with in this case the Contour Hint. Are there other good materials I can read or watch to learn how to best use the Hints feature?

Thanks again!

For a basic intro you could go to my youtube channel and watch the video on creating a light saber. The saber trail is a morph which in my opinion looks really cool.

Also Adam Phillips has a basic intro to morphing on his youtube channel (just search and i am sure you will find it).

I’ve watched Adam Philips tutorials on Morphing. And, I believe I watched yours some time ago which I’ll watch again, but I still am baffled by the Hints and don’t understand how to use them even after watching Adam’s movies which didn’t really go into that function much.

I use morphing a few times in various ones as a time saver.

If you go to elearning in tips there are also some morphing tutorials there.

All a hint is telling animate you want that point to end up in a certain position.

So hint 1 in the first drawing goes to hint 2 in the second drawing. You use them to get control over the morphing since it often doesn’t do what you want without some gentle help.

for the drawing view, just zoom out a bit and im sure you will see it. I barely use drawing view as well. I mainly work in camera.

go here

the plant and smoke one.

Although they are animate pro tutorials, they can be followed and completed in standard (i don’t know they aren’t in the standard how to as well)

Hi Lilly,

I’ve been successfully doing morphs in the timeline. I’m not sure whether I’m within the symbol or not, but if you say that is the only way it works then I must be. I have been working solely in the Camera View. When would I best be served to work in the Drawing View? when I use the Exposure Sheet? I still am a little puzzled by the differences here.

The symbol thing Lilly mentioned was only if you are using symbols which I am guessing you aren’t.