re: Harmony Premium crashing

The past three days I’ve started having a issue with Harmony Premium crashing.

My set-up:

2013 Macbook pro, 12 gigs of ram, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB

Currently running El Capitan 10.11.5

The crashing is happen while I am doing the following.

I’m currently rigging my character (five pose turnaround) and I am having problems getting the z axis to work with the layer that is rigged (deformer with KO). I’m trying to get the arm and hand on the side view to come forward. (arm is rigged using the bone deformer and the hand is on a peg). The z axis won’t remain on one pose - even though I have added a key frame (the red box in in the camera view). For the deformer rigged arm I’ve entered the z axis manually into the Layer Properties - the alt up or down arrows don’t work. For the hand that is on a peg, the alt and up/down arrows work.

While I’m doing this the twirling ball is coming often and the whole system is crashing after about a minute. I have a copy of the crash report. I can email or post this if necessary.

Any ideas, solutions, thoughts are welcome.