Re:hard times with global library and network

thanks Rob…at the moment we are using the method that u had suggested but each time we update the libraries some animators will miss out or forgets to update their libraries in their local and seems that they will not be notified or use the updated libraries. i would like all my animators to excess libraries without much perplexity. i agree that currently the we having limited excess to network permissions.

is there any other solutions that could make the usage of global library utilizable?

hi guys…im a newby here, would like to have advises regarding global library. im cracking my head to solve the problem but it isnt just working for me at the momment. im engage with a project currently and im trying to have a proper planned hierachy to make things easier later during animation and the rest of the process. im building libraries for my characters, and was trying to store it in global so that the animators could pick up the characters when they log into toon boom. i’d read the forums and followed as what was suggested,but hence when i have prepared the sub folders in global and clicked “save global library” it says “Error while saving animation set, Unable to access file…”. Im trying to work it on through network rather the through My Documents.

Would really like to know the solution for character set ups in global library through network. Your advises are much appreciated. Thanks guys.

I had the same problem in my classroom, where I’m on a school wide network.

It seems that between my friends at Toon Boom and one of our technicians here, we figured out that you can put the Global Library locally (on your computer) by setting its location to your hard drive rather that to your My Documents, which like mine, sounds like it is on the network instead of local.

Depending on network permissions and such, you may or may not have access. The solution our tech here had was to create a partition on each hard drive in the classroom that allowed for a global library on each computer based on permissions set by the network admin.

If you’re trying to share library elements with others on your network, the only way to do it is to copy the actual template files (.tbt) to your other users on the network.