Re:Happy Halloween!

yeah im in love with reaper. I actually went from much more expensive software too it because it is so powerful and userfriendly. It is also regularly updated(probably once a week).

That said I plug a lot of external software into and it works perfectly which is another reason i like it. I also have good recording equipment for my guitar which helps.

If you are going to use it just for effects you would probably won’t to look at some of the extra plugins you can use. If is totally free to try so you have nothing to lose.

Im actually going to watch your tutorials soon.

Halloween eCard from

The voice overs were pretty cool.

Did you do them?

I do most of the voices and sound effects. I see you create some pretty quality music with a program called Reaper and I’m considering checking it out. It does look a bit more robust than the programs I currently use.

Very nice, I enjoyed that.