Re:FIZZI & FUZZI - Check My First Movie!

nice work! it’s a very fun piece and I really enjoyed it.

I just finished my first Animated Movies done with Toon Boom Animate. It was used to work the classic way with light table, pegbar and a pen. But time was too short due to the fact it was my graduationwork for animation school and my first group split after 6 Month. So I just got 4 Weeks left to finish my own movie until premiere deadline. Toon Boom Animate was such a great help and without it, this would have never been possible. Though this might already sound like a cheesy academy award speech, I just wanted to make a big compliment to the programmers! :-)) Thank you so much! Here you can check out my movie on YOUTUBE.

greets, horteza

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Very nice Horty!!! :slight_smile:

thank you!

I’d be careful not to move my hips like that in front of a guy whose crack is showing ;D

This was superb. I loved it. Congrats, great work!!

Great Job.

Wonderful, keep up the good job! ;D

I have been using Digital Pro for just over a year now, and looking at your movie, has reassured me that upgrading to Animate Pro was the right thing to do. ;D

cool stuff.