I had an older project that was corrupted and I wasn’t able to open it anymore. So I created a new project and I was able to import all images in my layers to restore my project.However, I notice that the project is entirely and proportionally larger than the field. Is it possibly because I had a different resolution before? What can I do to reduce the entire project to fit in the field as I had it before?

Yes, it works. Thank you so much!I knew there it has to be a simple way to do it, and it is Storyboard Pro 2.

Is this in Storyboard Pro 2?

If you do an Import Images as Scenes, you can’t simply add a camera move that will readjust everything. Are you working in HD by chance?

I think the easiest way to adjust everything would be to go into your Storyboard > Properties, and change it to HDTV_Vertical

When you do an import as images, the type of Fit that it does is either a horizontal fit or a vertical fit. It takes that grid that you see if you do a View > Grid > Show Grid, and it fits that grid with the view. Changing it to vertical will fit the top and bottom of this grid to the camera view, which is probably what you want to do.

Let me know if this solves your issue.