Re:Driving me crazy

I am guessing you have moved elements on the z axis which overrides the layer hieracrchy.

Check all your layers have a z value of 0.

Animate is driving me crazy!! How does the hierarchy with different layers work? Sometimes the layer that is above one other in the timeline is behind in the drawing. The parents layers are sometimes in the back sometimes in front. When I switch off a layer some other dissapear. I’m I missing something? Is it a bug? I can not find the logic…

In addition to “TheRaider’s” comment: Have a look at the Quick Start Tutorials…
No. 8 Building a Puppet / pay special attention to Ordering Layer Hierarchies…

Or check the User Guide “Ordering Layers” about page 700…


I change sometimes the z value just to get the layers in order, when I leave it in value 0 is when I can understand the hierarchy.
And yes, probably I should check again the tutorials, but I hoped to find some easier and natural system to use this stuff.

Basically there are two major things that influence the order of the elements that you see on the screen:

1) the order in the timeline
2) the z transformations.

All things being equal, the order in the timeline is the first thing that gives you a preliminary order. Basically whatever is further to the top of the timeline is also further to the top of the layer order in the camera view.

However when you start putting things in a hierarchy, the order will change, and this is when you need to key the order using the transform tool. If you want to have an element in a different order for a different view, then make sure the animate button is toggled on so that you’re creating a keyframe for each frame when you set the z value.

When you have a keyframe on the z value, this always overrides the layer hierarchy from the timeline.

Hope this helps!

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