Re:Dont know what is going on with A2 but ...

ToonBoom support emailed me this :

"Hi Alex

The reason you have an offset is due to the drag you have done from Library to Camera view that when you drag the symbol and drop it to Camera view, it places the symbol where you drag it to and it looks offset from where you drop point since it calculate the center of the drawings (canvas) to your mouse point. You can check the layer properties of the element and see the offset.

This is one of the feature in Animate 2 that if you want to avoid this, you can simply drag and drop it to the Time Line directly. If you want to reset the object that is already drag and dropped it to the Camera view, you can reset the position to 0 for x, y and z manually by entering it in Layer properties of each element. Or you can do this simply with ‘Reset all transformations’ tool tools that if you do not see this tool from attached image, right click on empty area where tool bars are positioned (blue circle from attached image) and select Camera view. Once camera view tools are shown, select all elements while transform tool is on and then click ‘Reset all transformations’ tool to reset."

This is good to know for future refernce, in case you are special like me and didn’t already know ::slight_smile:

I just finished Breaking Down the all my character’s views, then I Dragged each layer to the SYMBOLS directory in the Library. Deleted everything on the current timeline, and dragged the Symbols out of the Library onto stage.

The Problem is that when I drag the symbols back onto the stage, the symbols are not placed in the correct positions. it’s like they never registered to the stage. Anyone else tried this yet/ in Animate2?

I have done this several times already so i know how to do it. This is the first time I do it in Animate2.

Wow this is a problem! Back to reality! :’(

wow, this is frustrating! It treats the drawings as if it where imported from flash. I hope it’s something I did, or a preference that needs to be adjusted, cause this is gonna be a MAJOR blunder if in fact it is some kind of bug.

Well i just did a very simple test and moving the symbols around and i couldn’t get it to not put the symbol back in the spot it started.

I even moved with the animate transform instead of the drawing one and still no issues.

I can’t explain why yours it acting that way.

Try do a simple test first (like just draw 2 objects, make them symbols etc) to test.

Great so it is just ME :’(

Yeah I ran ALL tests possible. including like you said, a simple circle, made a symbol, then dragged back onto the stage and it was the same thing. I also tried using some of the files that I made with Animate 1 and still the same thing.

I guess the only thing left to do is uninstall it and reinstall. If it conitinues I will contact tech support.

Yeah im not tech support :slight_smile:

but at least you know it should work the way you want in the end.

Damn it! I just Uninstalled it and re-installed and I get the same Crap. >:(

Now I have to contact support.

I recorded it so maybe the people at Toonboom or someone could tell me if maybe I am the one doing something wrong.

Ok now I seem crazy talking to myself but I found the solution. Instead of dragging the symbols to the stage (like I did with no problem in Animate1) you have to drag them to the left side of the timeline. :-[

Minor change I can adapt, but it would have been nice to know that.

BTW- isn’t that a really great site? You hit ALT+S and get a high quality vid captture. It’s free and you don’t have to install anything. Good for making Tuts.

That is why it didn’t happen to me. I always drag to timeline so I can order my layers.

Consistent with my luck, I preferred to Drag to the Stage. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess you drag to stage in order then?

I have pretty much abandoned symbols for characters anyway. I can’t really see a good reason to use them.

You abandoned Symbols? I can’t see how you can work without them. So what do have? raw artowrk on the timeline?

I’m thinking for the Eric the red character that I might have to go that route with his skirt, but I can’t imagine having to work with Raw Art work all the time. Everyone is different though, not Putting it down, just a bit surprised.

What can you do with symbols you can’t with drawings?

I don’t know, I am going to find out. Remember, I come from flash, Raw artwork on the Timeline is a BiG NO NO. I am learning to think the Animate way and this might be one of those things that learn.

Up to this point, there is Something about the art being in a Container (symbols) that makes me feel better,rather than something that can be accidently pulled or reshaped, or has to be selected entirely or a certain way that never allowed me to even try it.

That is why I was surprised to hear the likes of you saying that. I’m wondering, "damn am I symbolizing everything, when I don’t really need to?"

I will experiment with using raw art on the timeline, maybe like I mentioned before with Eric’s Cape and Skirt. Afterwards, I might be Anti-Symbols, and cutout an entire step from the Process.

It is pretty easy to not accidently edit a drawing since animating you use a completly different toolset to drawing.

There is no real downside to using just drawings i can see and plenty of upside (can create new drawings without going inside container, use auto lipsync, use morphing, being able to name drawings).

I tend to think symbols are more suited to the skateboard example they gave.

The training material from toonboom made it seem like symbols was the best/correct way to go but in reality there is no need.

I was converting all my characters parts to symbols as well, but Lilly had suggested using symbols as little as possible and keeping my characters as drawings. My jaw dropped to the ground too Alex! I was symbolising everything because that’s what the user guide said to do and i thought it was the most efficient way to go about things. If you check out the Animate 2 user guide, they no longer suggest converting your character to symbols, although they do say (on page 431) that it’s an alternative technique and they go over it in the guide’s appendix.

I totally agree with Raider that there’s no downside to using drawings, just heaps of benefits. If you get a bit nervous not having everything stored in protective little containers (I did!) just make sure you have a template of your character stored in the library. This way you always have a backup just in case!

BTW Raider, Animate 2 has auto lip-sync with symbols now! Have you tried it out?

I haven’t because I have made the choice to just use drawing. It is much easier to edit characters as well.

Currently I am playing around with particles and learning how to use them for certain things. It is really nice for certain effects. The level of control is more than it seems. I can’t belive they only had one page on it in the guide!

Nice to see someone else experimenting with the Particles.

I know what you mean about it being glossed over in the manual. It would have been more instructive to give a little screenshot of how to set it up it terms of the timeline. And it would have been nice to mention that when you are trying to bump up the intensity parameter that you can actually go above 10. Some users might try and use the arrow widget to increase it but you have to type in a value if you want to have say 500 for the Intensity in the Motion Blur properties panel.

But yeah, it can do some interesting things. I have been playing at doing a school of fish, some arrows flying through the sky, some abstract animated backgrounds.

if it wasn’t for a mention of it on the forums i would of had no idea they even existed!

The advertising of what is in animate 2 is really poor.