Re:Different fielding when opening a storyboard created in SB Pro1.5 in SB Pro2

Thanks a lot Lily,
I will try it.

Hi Folks,I wonder if anyone has encountered a similar problem to what I am finding.We are making animatics from storyboards from several different freelance artists. Some of the artists are using Storyboard 1.5, some Storyboard Pro 1.5 and some are using Storyboard Pro 2. I am working in version Storyboard Pro 2 to create the animatics. I have found that I have a problem with storyboards created in the earlier versions when I open them in SB Pro 2.The images are much bigger when they open in version 2.Probably 4 or 5 fields closer than they are in the PDF files generated by the artists on their own systems.Do you know why this is happening and is there an easy way to avoid or fix it.We are working in HDTV widescreen format.Cheers,Gary