Re:Differences between Studio and Studio Express

I believe the most significant difference has to do with pegs. Express is limited to only two pegs total. It is ideal for someone wanting to practice classical hand drawn 2D animation. But with minimal automation. Pegs are fundamental to implementing tweening and keyframed animation so by limiting the artist to only two pegs (no embedded integrated pegs in elements) there is only minimal automation. If one peg is used for the camera then there are great limitations on what can be done in terms of non-drawn movement. Still this is a great learning tool and actually a good starting point for students wanting to learn the basics of animation. Hope this helps. -JK

I have somebody asking me what the specific differences are between TB Studio and TB Studio Express. I’m unable to answer completely, so I thought I’d head to the source.

A rundown of the biggest differences would be helpful.

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Anyway, here’s a link to the feature comparison chart:

The main differences are the pegs being limited to 2, cameras 1, scenes 1 whereas in Studio, they’re unlimited.

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