Re:Compatibility with Harmony Network

Thank you for the reply. I’ll have to try that. Harmony versions are not the same though.

I was trying to open an old backup (not exported with the export to offline option, restorable into the Network structure via the .dat file). I’ll try to re-export it to offline after restoring it to the Network to see what happens.

I would assume there will not be serious compatibility issues from different Harmony versions… I previously imported projects from Opus II which required minor adjustments (namely some fade/transparency modules connected to colour cards that no longer work, requiring discarding the module and to replicate the fade via the cards alpha channel). I did have to check carefully each scene for side effects.


Is it possible to import a job from a Harmony server to Harmony Standalone and back? The directory structure is different but the drawings, x-sheet and compositing should be identical, no?

I’m wondering if a scenario like a studio sending a freelancer a scene to compose or a few thousand drawings to paint would work, in the case the studio has Harmony Network and the freelancer has the Standalone version.

Thank you.

That’s exactly one of the purpose of the standalone version.

In the server setup you can go in the Control Center and export to Offline. This makes a folder of the scene with all in it. Then you can open that scene at home in Harmony offline. Once finished you bring the folder back to the office and use again the Control Center but this time use the Import option. You just have to go to the folder, choose the .xstage file and import in the structure of the office. It will overwrite the existing scene if you bring it in the same environnment and job so if you don’t want to do that you have to bring it back elsewhere or change the names first.

Make sure you are on the same version in both places though.

Thank you. I wasn’t considering getting scenes back to older versions of Harmony. I sort of mixed two separate issues in my question: the practicality of using the Standalone for the future communicating with the Server version, and a specific case in which I needed to open an older Opus II project and tried it first on my Standalone version.

I was experimenting a bit and tried just changing the stage file suffix from “stage” to “digital” and it seemed to open my former network scene into the standalone version. I have not done any further, really detailed exploration of that process, but it seemed to work correctly.

Are there any known problems with doing it this way?

That’s interesting, changing the suffix… I tried that with a database project, I can open it with the standalone after making the change, but the software doesn’t read anything. I get the network with modules but even drawings are not displayed in the drawing view. I guess to open these scenes I’ll have to export them as offline from the Network… Did you actually saw something and were able to do something with the scene you opened?