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Hi, I just installed Animate today on Windows XP and the default color palette displays only the default black color and none of the other colors that comes by default. Please can someone give me a solution for this problem. Thank you all. Yoryo.

Thank you very much Nolan for your information.
I read the replies to that post, but my version PLE has always kept this basic palette, although I can create my own palettes as professional mode. The newly installed program has shown too this color default palette, then, after a first test project, it disappeared, and I can not find a way to restore this initial state. No more new projects created has this default colors palette.
My questions: If this is a concept, always disappears this useful palette after the first project? Is this a normal behavior, or is it an anomaly? Your program behaves the same way? Thanks again Nolan. Happy new year. Yoryo

That your Default Palette disappears after the first project, I find fairly strange…

I always create my own “project colour-palette”, so I was never concerned about the availability of the Default Palette…
But, my version of Animate PLE 7.6.0 (4841) (Mac), shows always in any new and old
project the Default Palette of 120 colours…

If you should have a newer version than me…? Maybe Toon Boom did some changes…?

Try “Import Palette”, the Default.plt should be available in your projects palette-library.
(does that bring back your missing palette…?)

My version of Animate Pro PLE 7.7.0 (5100) (Mac), Default Palette shows 5 colours
(black, white, red, green, blue) and black as vectorized line…
Those are always there, in any new or old project…


It´s very strange issue, 120 colors default palette also appeared to install, and then never again. (Only the first black swatch) I tried to import from the library Default.plt palette, but no change. If forum tech support is reading this post too, is necessary clarify what I can do.
(Animate Full, actual downloaded version on windows XP SP3).
Thanks Nolan, and forum tech support in advance.

Lilly from Tech Support here -

This is a change that was implemented on our side. We are looking at addressing this issue to restore the original 120-colour palette.