Re:color palette

You cannot import the palettes from Toon Boom Studio into Animate because the two softwares are fundamentally different. Animate palettes use a “magic number” concept for colors so that it can be possible to create identical color pots using the exact same RGB values for example.
The uniqueness of palette colors and their “magic number” can also be used to implement a “Master Palette” concept for a character or scene.

In any case, if you wish to have more colors in Animate’s palette, just click the “+” icon in the color window and double click the newly created color pot to select a color from the color picker. If you like working with huge palettes, just create one and save it (for possible re-use in other Animate projects). Most users end up creating multiple character-specific palettes.

Hi again, wondering if there is a way to bring the default color palette that is in Studio and Animate, into Animate Pro?

Thanks, Marc

It’s funny that I see this thread on here. I just came on here to ask the exact same question (I thought I was the only one having this very annoying issue).

I have the Animate Pro PLE and I planned on getting some weekend training done before getting back to the studio on Monday. I’m following the training videos and the Animate version in the video tutorials has an whole list of colors to choose from, while I only get 5.

I have looked everywhere in the settings. This is getting a bit frustrating…

I see what you mean… however, if you check out the ANIMATE PLE (Not the Animate Pro PLE), there is a really nice useful palette already set up there. Can the palette in Animate PLE then be imported into Animate Pro?

I would really like it if my DP default color swatches were able to be remade by TB for import to the family of Animate.

Found a neat way. Download “growing plant_completed” and import the default .plt and you’ll have enough color 8)

you may be right! i just need to import that fab palette! THANKS Pete! :wink:
UPDATE: Hey thanks for the advice Pete! I saved that palette as my default too, so every time I open I get it! AWESOME