Re:Can't see custom palette

Well, I guess, the character you used your custom-palette with, is still there…?
Otherwise, his/her colours would be red, indication the colours are lost…

Open the Colour Palette / click that little triangle at “Name / Default” window /
Your custom-palette should be there / select it…

Click that little icon next to the triangle for further choices…
e.g. Duplicating / Renaming / Importing / Exporting Palettes etc.


i’m creating an animation. I created a custom palette as I was working. Today I can’t seem to find that palette. Maybe I didn’t save the palette? I’m not sure. Is there a way to reconfigure a custom palette that displays all of my project colors that may be lost?

Thanks for any help.

I am using TBS 5

Yes my characters/scenes were there. I believe I started the cartoon in TBS 4.5 and then moved it to TBS 5. It appears that the color palette was imported with the name PDF Importer 3. Can I import the color palette from 4.5 to 5 and preserve the names of the swatches? the PDF Importer 3 name contains the correct color swatches but also names each color “Color”.

Note: In the 4.5 version the Name field only list the Default, and the PDF importer versions.

If you haven’t done so yet…?
You might like and create a folder on your hard-drive called “Colour-Palettes”…etc.
Export any colour palette you like from any project into that folder…

In any open project import any of those saved colour palettes from that folder…