Re:Can't Isolate Eyeball

Ok, so I tried to erase the eyewhite in the camera and the drawing view. After I selected the cutter tool, switched to marquee and tried to select the erased portion by left clicking it and right clicking it. nothing happened. I also, tried to select all and then ungroup but the ungroup and the group were greyed out?

I have been having trouble isolating just the eyeball while following the tutorial cutting the secondary parts. I can isolate the eye from the face. i can isolate the pupil from the eye. I just can’t marquee or lasso the eyewhite? It is almost as if it isn’t there. Could you give me some idea as to why it isn’t working for me. I have cut out all my parts but I have hit a wall with this. ???


PS. I grouped the frontal view of my character first before I started cutting.


Have you tried a “select all” followed by an “Ungroup”?


I can try that again when i get home. Unfortunatly I did try to ungroup and it wouldn’t let me. It was grayed out. That was my frist attempt at changing it. However I’m not sure if did “Select all” first.

If you get really stuck, you could make a copy, use the eraser tool, to very roughly, get rid of everything but the eyewhite and see if you can then select it. This should give you a better indication of what the problem is. I would try all of this in the drawing view.

ok I’ll give both of those a try in a couple of hours traveling right now. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and responding. Hopefully I can get it to work. I feel like my comp is haunted lol.


I was suggesting remove everything Except the eyewhite.

Another thought is, go back to the original and select everything with the Contour Editor, that should show you all the available shapes within your drawing.


Sorry I misread your previous post. So should I make a copy of the whole scene, the layer, or the cell?

I have a pic of my screen if you would like as well.

When I’m trouble shooting stuff like this I make a copy of the bits I don’t want to lose. I assumed you had one cell with a composite eye. If I was trouble shooting that cell, I would copy the whole layer but experiment just with the cell.

Re-reading your post, you say you can select the pupil. If you can do that, why not select and delete the pupil, leaving the eyewhite?


Would it be possible to send you a screen shot of what my active scenario looks like? I tried that and it leaves a square?

Yes, good idea. I’'l send you a mail with an email address

Just noticed you can get an e-mail address for me by hitting the pm button in this post.

I just sent it for you to look at. I’ll check back in a half hour.

If you happen to see my email Roberto you will notice I had no luck. Fortunatly I took another look at it and it worked. The problem I was seeing was that it was picking up the vectorized lines that were in the black outline. These lines were the edges of the eyewhite underlapping the black lines. When I moved it away the white came with it. So I think I licked the problem. We’ll see. Thank you so much I’ll let you know if I have more problems. ;D