Re:Best way to export QT Movie for youtube


Concerning the export from Final Cut I am not quite sure what they do the file so it would be hard for us to help you on that front. As for the export directly from Toon Boom Studio the choppiness appears in Youtube only or you notice it on the movie that is exported straight out of the software when you play it on your machine. It may be that YouTube data flow is lower then the data flow of your movie, you might want to investigate on what are the best YouTube export setup to see if your movie currently meet their standards.

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Hi all,

I’m working with TBS 3.0 and am trying to figure out how to best export a QT movie on youtube. When I upload the QT that I exported from toonboom, the image quality is great but the playback is very choppy. When I export a QT movie from TBS, then edit and re-export from Final Cut, the playback is OK but still choppy, but the image quality suffers. I’ve tried other methods too, Sorenson Squeeze etc, but I can’t seem to get a file for upload that doesn’t lose either playbacl or image quality. Any ideas? Your help would be super much appreciated!!!

*** ps for example here’s a cartoon i recently did in TB, edited in Final Cut, then uploaded, looks ok but the playbak is off, you can tell by lip sync that it dropped frames