Re:Animate2 can't open files from Studio?

Thank you very much, Nolan! I will try the workaround with SWF. :slight_smile:

Nevertheless I’m very dissapointed in Toon Boom that the software upgrade can’t work with the files from their smaller version. I can’t see any reason for that limitation. What’s the use of an upgrade when I have to start every project from scratch? I really hope they will fix this in the future.


I just upgraded from Studio to Animate2. But now I can’t open any project files from Studio in Animate. Is there anything I can do? Any help is really appreciated.

Thank you!

Toon Boom Studio files can’t be directly imported into Animate…
Workaround: Export from Studio as SWF…
Then import those SWF files into Animate’s Library…


Thank you for your explanation!