Re:Animate vs Studio

Missing Feature in TB Animate:
Import files form TB Studio and Animationsh into TB Animate.
Please, add the missing import-tool, so that a switch to TB Animate will be easier. :slight_smile: Thanks!

I was just about to buy Toon Boom Studio when suddenly Animate came popping out of nowhere… I have no experience in animation, so Studio seemed like a good start… Now I’m concidering to just go for Animate instead… Is this a bad or good idea? (I’m not gonna make crappy 3-year-old cartoons, but more serrious stuff…) Anybody??? ???

Animate is so much better then Studio. I’ve been playing with the learning edition of Animate since about 2:00 this morning and I’m already in love with it. I just upgraded from Studio 4 to 4.5 recently and now I wish I had waited.


I remember reading a post on this site that the two programs are different and coming from two different teams. That makes sense because it appears that Animate can read Digital Pro files. So Animate seems to be more a streamlined Digital Pro rather than an enhanced Studio.

For people looking to import older or in process Studio and other files perhaps something can be worked out. In my case it isn’t an issue and the timing worked out just right that I don’t need to worry about importing.

Im very happy they use the toonboom way for applying effects directly in timeline. And that they added the main effects people use from digital pro. Get straight to the point i really like that! Very cool right there

Im not too sure I like the new way the brush size palette ( tool property) looks and works though. I think the old way in toonboom and even digital pro was much better.

Seems like everything is icon based, usually I like icons, but digital pro had a bad habbit of killing you with 2 many icons , Animate doesnt feel as bad. There are so many icons and your brain is suppose to remember what they do. Eventually u finally learn them all, but its hard when they look so similar and they appear so small on your screen. I think its easier when have a title or something u read, then u can click the icon, instead of seeing the icon, hover your mouse over it to read what it does then click it. To me this is the problem with the new tool property. Again I think toonboom wins in this area.

Also, I wish the cell palete could make a comeback, from toonboom, and the scene manager. One thing I enjoy about flash and toonboom studio was ability to compose these movies in one file.

All in all I think this program is ment as a transition tool from toonboom to digital pro. I dont know why but the simplicity of toonboom studio still makes it my favorite tool of choice. The icons are big, and there arent a lot of them, and bascially the main things you really need are easy to find and arent hidden.

The only things I like about Animate/digital pro more are a.) color model, b.) texture brush because it feels like pencil c.) the effects d.) and abilitiy to seperate the paint from the lines on a single cell. Animate is great though, it didnt hurt my eyes the way digital pro did the first time I used it lol. Im happy the team is trying to improve on the interface, I personally think they nailed it with toonboom studio as far as interface goes.Im just very excited to see the toonboom team continuing to bring great products for the traditional animation market.
Simplicity and power are the key and I think animate is doing a good job at reaching that goal.

Can someone from ToonBoom tell me where Animate sits with TBS and Digital Pro? I am teaching TBS and am about to learn Digital Pro as a professional animator. Iif Animate is better or more “professional” should I go for this instead of DP. I’m confused now and I wasn’t before. ;D


PS. The smiley face is ironic.

I think animate is an inbetween version of toonboom and digital pro because i dont think it has all the features digital pro has. I cant seem to find out how to seperate line and color art, and it only has 12 effects and im pretty sure digital pro has more than that, like film grain for example.

animate is a development of digital pro rather than toon boom i think and so that’s most probably why animate doeosn’t open up toon boom files…coudl it do so in a patch or future release?..maybe but don’t count on it.

i’ve only had a glance at animate ple today but will get into it more before ‘decision time’.

Well, it looks like a comparison chart is up now. Thanks very much!

I’m not sure how to interpret some of the stars and numbers of stars though.

You can have the color art and line art if you want like in Digital pro, just go in the Preference > General > Use Advance art mode.

Animate has less effects effectively. It’s meant as a simpler program when you don’t need all the extra effects and option of Digital pro.