re-activation problems


I am still working to get Animate pro usable on my new Machine.

No I am not operating with in listed specks. I wish to see if this will work better on windows 7 as this Machine can not be run on win XP or Vista 32 bit system there aren’t any drivers for either. Vista 64 pro has a massive memory leak making the software un-usable. I now have Win 7 again 64 bit as the system doesn’t have 32 bit drivers.

On line activation states I have activated but the activation window continuously pop back up when you try to run the soft ware. So… I wanted to try offline license file activation.

Side note the PLE version of animate pro works very well on this system so
I hope we can get a work around for the activation problem I am seeing now. I did return the activation for the Vista install.

Any help here will be greatly appreciated.


Side note.

Storyboard pro Works very well on Windows 7 64 bit Pro. The memory leak I had to fight with on Vista is no longer a problem. Only thing to note for others trying this. Tablet set up is a bit fiddly, (intuos 4).

Usually when you get an activation error it’s because you did not return your previous license. If you have already returned the license from Vista, then the next step here is to contact support directly so that they can verify exactly what the problem is with your license.