Re:3D Integration Status?

Are there any companies or individuals that posted work using the 3D workflow features of Harmony?

I would love to gawk at what is possible ;D

Maybe Lilly knows but I’m curious if there has been any additional work done by Toon Boom to incorporate other 3D applications into the Harmony workflow? Maya was certainly a good start!

I seem to recall seeing a picture of the fellow who had put the Maya integration together for Harmony and he had a Blender t-shirt on! So I’m secretly hoping he’s working on integrating Blender next. Hopefully Toon Boom isn’t keeping him too busy with other projects.


Thanks for the update Lilly! I’m Looking forward to Harmony 10

Harmony 10 is awesome. I am using it right now and having FBX means you can use Maya 2013 which does not support the OSB format.

Harmony 10 is truly amazing, I suffer no more crashes during batch render no more problems with Maya stealing resources from 32 bit Harmony 9.2

Toon Boom deserves all the success coming to them as Harmony 10 puts this company up there with Autodesk.

I believe they are offering special deals: call them tomorrow!

Peter does Harmony load animation data from the .fbx file or is it just model data?


yes, i’d really like to know more about 3d workflows. 14greg mentioned in another thread that they are using blender instead of maya, please explain more!

i have zbrush 4, harmony and blender, unfortunately no maya though. what can i do with these wonderful toys?!


Right now I think you can create a model in whatever software you prefer and load that into Harmony. And then from Harmony using the scripts provided you can render the 3D model to Maya, Pixie or 3Delight. What is not clear to me is if you can animate the model and import that animation data to Harmony. I suspect it doesn’t work that way and the process is really for static models at this point.

do you have any example renders? i’d love to see the results.

static models would be fine – a 2d character picking up and interacting with 3d objects would be quite useful.

That is possible in both versions of Harmony.
Indeed, with patience you could create an animation of Fred Flinstone throwing an FBX rock ball and Barney Rubble who will have a home run as the FBX speeds towards an FBX galaxy of stars. This does not interest me but it sure is why some of the major animation cartoon studios have been interested
Below is a rough cut of a ten minutes

The link is for a beta, it needs some editing to say the least but I wanted to show the people at TB who have helped me what I had done with their software and I was rewarded with being allowed to beta test the pre-release version of 10 due to my heavy use of Maya batch rendering with the Stage. Whereas editing in preview renders was slow, in 10 it’s almost live. Harmony 9.2 would often crash during batch renders but the beta versions of 10 were rock solid. I could add layer after layer with no problems.

With Harmony 10 are around for one of the biggest paradigm shifts in “animation” since Walt did his first cartoons. Yes it’s that big in my opinion.

Yet, I do not think many yet, even at Toon Boom see that Harmony 10 is about to change the course of Fine Art itself and create works of art that will need active matrix walls interior and exterior.

Toon Boom has created something unique and outsmarted Adobe, Autodesk, Apple and others.

Harmony 10 is a paradigm shift and though my efforts may not show it, that does not mean I am blind to a future I thought I’d never live long enough to see.

I think you maybe right but I might not understand you fully. Interesting point though.

Sorry I missed this.
I only use the model data, lighting and skins. I use Stage to animated the FBX.
I accidentally tried to import an FBX which had been set to animate with Maya 2013. It did not import but I might have done something wrong.

Do make sure to set up the batch render folder and size. Also, make sure that the memory and CPU is set to half the cores you have so only my 12 core Z800 that’s 6 cores. It’s very important to make sure that Maya has a set of folders so that PSD skins, FBX and MB files can be easily linked. If oyu do not do this there can be problems at a later date.

I would add that the rendering of the FBX file even when it has the Batch Render module attached is so fast that it’s like having a Mercury Engine in Premiere Pro. It takes hardly any time to render.

I use the HP Performance utility from HP on my Z800 and that means I can set up the BIOS to work with Maya 2013. It really makes a difference with the batch render.

I’d get Harmony 10, it makes 9.2 look slow and awkward. Harmony 10 renders my 1,000 frame with 3 FBX files and many image layers with modules attached in several hours at HD. Harmony 9.2 would take 15 hours or more.