Re:3D and Toon Boom


Looks like I’m the first Toon Boomer to congratulate you! Your 3D animation has taken wing–great job! I love the parrot and his mischievous wink, the lovely shiny plane and the flowing banner trailing along behind. The clouds, though, seem a little flat. Just kidding, no reason to get all grouchy.

Rumor has it that you will be doing your own, personal version of it your OWN WAY! Can’t wait to see that. No holds barred. Whatever that means.


Just thought I’d share this thing I just did for a customer in Houston Texas.

As projects often go, this one evolved from completely 2D, to mixing a little 2D with 3D.
In the end, the only thing that stayed 2D was the clouds in the background.
I did those in Toon Boom.
The 3D was done in Maya, and the whole thing composited in Adobe Premier.

Go here and click on "What’s New"
The animation I’m talking about is Pepe the Parrot at the top of the page.

Brian Hoard
BHH Studio